Less than 80 Feet Sailing

Friendship 36

Friendship 36, a 36' shoal draft centerboard cruising sloop is under Construction at Rockport Marine.

Newest in the successful line of Friendship yachts, the Friendship 36 is designed to specifications by a current Friendship 40 owner. The client asked for a yacht with the same level of quality, fit and finish of his current Friendship 40 (that draws a mere 3’11”) the now 36 will have a draft of 32” so that he may berth it in the shallows of Moriches Bay on Long Island.

The owner has emphasized that reliability, strength, and the quality of the construction are his most important concerns. Fontaine obliged his requests by modifying the underbody, eliminating the stub of the keel on the 40, and increasing the ballast to provide sufficient stability. The shallow draft delta form hull will have twin rudders for greater steering control in the shallow waters of Moriches Bay.

Although the design may easily be translated into a fiberglass hull and deck, this project is to be a constructed as a ‘one-off' custom yacht. The hull and deck are being constructed of cold molded wood over laminated wood frames and plywood bulkheads. The F36 will also feature a full carbon fiber spar package including mast, boom and rigging. It will have fully powered sail handling systems including winches, furlers, mainsheet, backstay and vang all push button controlled. This yacht will have the same systems, hardware and details as her well known big sister, the Friendship 40.

Construction is underway on the Friendship 36 by Taylor Allen and his competent staff at Rockport Marine in Rockport, Maine.

Estimated launch for the exquisite Friendship 36 is June 2013.

Principal Dimensions: 

Length over all:  36' 11m
Length DWL:  25' 7.63m
Beam max: 11.05' 3.37m
Draft-board up: 2'9"  .815m
Draft-board down: 5'9" 1.98m
Yard Built:  Rockport
Year:  June 2013